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 Re-edited Rules so you can undertsand

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Re-edited Rules so you can undertsand Empty
PostSubject: Re-edited Rules so you can undertsand   Re-edited Rules so you can undertsand Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 3:55 am

Okay.... the reason I'm doing this is well because myself personally I feel the rules around here aren't being followed very well so my job today is going to be naming more rules and Re-editing some old ones

First things first the oldest in the book

No Cussing:: This includes censoring to so if you say F*ck or MUTHA FUKA it's still considered swearing and you will be warned for it because even though you didn't say it you and everyone else knows what you implied since this is not TNR and I like to keep things original you get 3 warnings before you're banned for a day for cussing.

No Sexual References Or Racial Slurs: Please please......keep this down...not only is it Stupid but it's creepy for someone to be talking about..getting a blow job and other mess online. Now the racial all know what they are Myself personally I take them hard since I'm black any slurs you're banned for 2 days no if ands or buts.

No Trolling:: Encase you do not know what it means no instigating or provoking. If it is seen you'll be warned once if you don't listen you're banned for a day

No Arguing or insulting other users:: This is highly annoying and it always gets out of control ALWAYS every argument I've seen got out of control if it comes to that point you'll be warned to stop if you do not and continue on you will be banned for a day. Insulting other people online not only makes you look like a fool with no life it's just plain stupid and We do not have to tell you what is insulting or not you already know if seen you will be warned three times you do not listen banned for a day.

No Harassment:: Meaning 1, You keep bugging someone about something repeatedly after they said to stop) 2, Getting into an argument with someone and you insult them constantly) 3, You keep calling someone something that they do not wished to be called and they have told you so but you do it anyway if this is reported then you'll be warned once then your banned for 2 days

Now one final rule!!...........NO GOD MODDING!!!! I cannot stress enough how I hate this and i'm pretty sure everyone else does to I'm not even going to tell you what God modding is you all know so if this is seen you'll be banned for an hou
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Re-edited Rules so you can undertsand
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