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 Hueco Mundo

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PostSubject: Hueco Mundo   Hueco Mundo Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2008 12:58 am

OoC: Alright, heres the rules, not EVERYONE can come into Hueco Mundo right when they want to, so, only espada, and Captain rank, and/or Lieutenant ranks are aloud in Hueco Mundo, also arrancar and hollow. And hollows, arrancar, espada, etc, their power is boosted xD

IC: As Light stepped out of the garganta that had come from soul society, he sighed. "That was strange. A quincy with a zanpakuto" Light smirked and appeared behind a hollow that was about to attack him, and a large slash appeared down the hollow's mask, destroying it completely. "Hollows just arent that strong now adays." Light sighed, shrugging. "Come now Menos Grande, come and feast." Light spoke, Menos coming out of a giant garganta. "Feast on hollows and become arrancar, NOW" Light yelled to them, the menos scattering around, eating hollows, some eating eachother.

After a long while, at Las Noches, Light saw an arrancar, which Light hadnt seen before. "Who are you?" Light spoke to the arrancar. "I was one of those menos you had sent out with other menos, a long time ago, and I ate them, turning into adjuchas, then arrancar," Light smirked, "Well, do you have a number?" The arrancar grimaced, and put his finger on his lip, then spoke, "I have a number on my back, just look," the arrancar turned around, lifted his jacket, and saw the number 6. "Ah, number 6, if you dont know your name, I'll give you one" The arrancar smiled, yet, was more as a grin. "My name is Hakai, meaning, destruction"

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Hueco Mundo
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