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PostSubject: Re: Forms/Drives   Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:10 am

i was gonna say you forgot final but a read the last line
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PostSubject: Forms/Drives   Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:50 pm

These enhance your abilities during battle depending on your situation (your clothes change too)

Valor: Dramatically increases attack power,speed,running and acrobatic abilities, but take away your ability to use magic until the drive is over

Wisdom: Dramatically increases your magic use,speed,attack power and chain-linking combos with magics,but you hover over the ground,and your ability to use melee attacks is replaced with magic blasts from your keyblade,whose fire rate is about 20/3seconds

Master: This increases all of your abilities dramatically,making you like a one man recking crew,it's let's you attack with more keyblades then normal,and uses doub;e magic spells

Anti(insert name here) : The unleashes your inner darkness,causing a silent primal rage,you become a living shadow(heartless) and have speed uncomparable to any other.Your abillity to think is taken away and ,you cannot use and magic,your run on all fours occasionally flying through the air,with the speed your are aloud to unleash massive combos on any for(they probably counldn't hit you anyway,lol)

Final: A form that unleashes all of the power inside of you, making you unstoppable force, causing you to use two keyblade,double magic, increases speed, and strength.

(one more form I have to put,but not right now)

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